2017 Workshops



All workshops held in Bldg 3, room 119

Monday, June 12th

3:00 pm

Working with SAG Actors

Looking to create a quality film with amazing actors? Nervous about jumping into a Screen Actor’s Guild project? Join Cynthia Williams, the Regional Education and Outreach Liaison for SAG-AFTRA in LA. Cynthia will talk about the benefits of using low budget contracts and the on-line signatory process.

4:00 pm

Using Video to Win!

Ever watch your favorite sports team and get excited watching the videos in between plays? Go behind the scenes with U of A’s Director of Football Video Operations, Tim Cummins and see how he brings an added level of excitement to game day.

Tuesday, June 13th

cody-lundin-photo-presskit-4764:00 pm

The Reality of Reality TV

Cody Lundin is a world-renowned survivalist. His company, Aboriginal Living Skills School, brought him to the attention of the producers of Dual Survival, a reality TV show he starred in for four years. (NO RECORDING OF THIS PRESENTATION PLEASE)

Wednesday, June 14th

1:00 pm

Funding your Next Film: Seed and Spark

Unlike other crowdfunding sites, Seed & Spark is filmmaker-focused. Not only does the site help filmmakers raise funds, it assists with distribution. Join Crowdfunding Specialist Christina Raia as she talks fundraising and distribution for the film.

2:00 pm

The Movie Rating System – “That’s Rated What!?!”

What’s that movie rated? Barry Freeman worked for the Motion Picture Association of America, (MPAA) for 12 years. Currently, a movie rating consultant, Barry will talk about the system that tells us if a film is rated G, PG, PG-13, R or…..

3:00 pm

Gumby: from Student Film to Icon

Director, Producer, Screenwriter, Arnold Leibovit (The Time Machine) devoted over 20 years to the work of animator George Pal, cumulating in the documentary film, The Puppetoon Movie. Join Arnold as he speaks to one of the most famous of all stop-motion animation characters, Gumby.

4:00 pm

Hands-on Stop Motion Animation Workshop: It’s not all about Gumby

Producer/YC Animation Instructor Lindsay Bane, (Miss Sharon Jones, Shelter, The Red Shoes) brings stop-motion animation to PFF with this hands-on workshop. Come prepared to get some clay on your hands!

Thursday 6/15


She Said, He Said: Making Your Characters Speak Your Mind

PFF alumni Philip Sedgwick brings an insightful look at how to create impactful, juicy dialogue for your screenplay.

1:00 pm

Pitch, Package, Produce

Tiffany Boyle, (Ramo Law) actively works with clients by connecting them to production and distribution opportunities that bring their new material to life. From television (unscripted/scripted) to feature films to internet properties, she oversees all creative content represented by the firm. Get a behind-the-scenes look at getting movies made.

2:00 pm

Restoring Motion Picture Sound for Classic Movies: Technologies and Techniques

In motion picture restoration, the sound is equally or even more important when bringing a film back to life. This talk by Bob Heiber, (Vice President of Audio Preservation and Restoration, Chace Productions) will illustrate the importance of good sound and the challenges that audio restoration engineers face. Demonstrations of current technologies with before and after audio examples will be presented.

3:00 pm

Behind the Screen at the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences

How did THAT get nominated? Why did THAT movie win? How can I become an Academy Member? Follow the process of how a movie becomes an Oscar® winner with Academy of Motion Pictures, Arts and Sciences members Bob O’Neil and Bob Heiber.

animal-planet-armageddon-tv014:00 pm

Adapt or Die: The Alchemy of Adaptation for Film and TV

You have a fantastic true life story. How does that get turned into a film? Join writers/producers Bryce and Jackie Zabel (The Last Battle, Animal Armageddon) are experts in bringing true life stories to the silver screen. One of those stories is from the late Jack L. August Jr., Adversity is My Angel: The Life and Career of Raul H. Castro.

(Dedicated to a friend of the Prescott Film Festival, historian and author Jack August)

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